The CBBE Pyramid, M&M's a loving Brand

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M&M's A love Brand : 


M&M's is a love brand well known, easyly identifiable thanks to its product attribute : colors, shapes and with the funny characters representing the brand. M&M's is differrent from all the others confectionery brands. 


In fact, the brand : 

- is unique : the product taste is unique, the name is unique

- is linked with strong and fun caracters : easy to represent, easyly recognisable in the world

- has adopted a specific tone that consumers recognize

- has got a distinctive sign : with the logo, the colors of its products. Eat M&M's can not be unnoticed ! 

- is active and always research new ways to innovate : My M&M's, new packaging, news flavors... to differentiate from its competitors. 


But M&M's is also a relational brand accompanying the consumer during its life 

In fact M&M's is transparent with nutrition : the consumer can easyly find the information on the website. 

The consumer can buy what he wants linked with M&M's thanks to the different concept stores in New York and in London,

The consumer can plays with M&M's on the website : Create your M&M's caracter, find the Red... 

He can customize its M&M's for different occasion. For example, having customized M&M's for its wedding instead of dragees. 



With M&M's we share positive experiences !! 

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Who needs a statistical analysis to prove how good the M&M’s chocolates are. The best and the priceless review that you can get about it is from the expression of the one having it for the first time. That alone would be satisfactory to state the facts.